International Aquaponics Society

International Aquaponics Society

The International Aquaponic Society, in partnership with the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, is dedicated to aquaponics research, education and science-based, economically-viable aquaponic systems. The society is supported, in part, through a UWSP Foundation fund.

The International Aquaponic Society had its first organizational meeting at the International Aquaponics Conference at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, June 19-21, 2013. The International Aquaponics Conference brought together individuals having and wanting to have an impact on food quality, security and sustainability using aquaponic methods. Industry experts will share experience and knowledge in a fun and informative conference setting, providing participants a wealth of information on the rapidly growing aquaponics industry.

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Mission Statement
The International Aquaponic Society’s mission is to advance the aquaponics industry through new research and education, to promote science-based, economically and environmentally sustainable aquaponic systems and to promote excellence and success within the industry.

Vision Statement

The International Aquaponic Society will provide information and guidance to individuals, educators, governments and interested parties to help grow the industry based on good business models, science and successes.  The International Aquaponic Society shall be recognized for promoting aquaponic methods that encourage food security and are both economically and environmentally viable among the public and private sectors through technology transfer, applied research, demonstration and outreach.

2014 Events
Profesional Development Day

2015 Events
2nd Intenational Aquaponics Conference
details to be announced

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